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morning drama

don't you just hate it when an outfit looks so great in your head, but when you actually put it together it doesn't make any sense? I got so frustrated this morning when it happened. it's bad enough it's monday morning and I have to drag myself to work after a weekend of parties and concerts, so the last thing I need is to put together something else. I ended up keeping only the white tights from the original outfit, put on a black skirt, a polka dotted (plus anchors) shirt and a black blazer. it turned out way fancier than I anticipated, and I wasn't extremely happy with the result just because I rarely dress up for work, but at least it's very work appropriate. oh well, it's just one of those days when things don't go exactly the way you want them to.

blazer: thrifted; shirt: h&m; skirt: no name; boots: afrodita

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