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i had nine lives but i lost all of them

i haven't got a chance so far to properly introduce my new camel coat. i don't usually take pictures of my outerwear but i am so in love with this coat i felt it deserved a post of it's own. i was telling you guys a few weeks ago that i was on the lookout for the perfect cape. meanwhile i got distracted and for practical reasons  (this winter turned out way harsher than i expected) i decided to turn my attention towards camel coats. i wasn't expecting to find one to my liking too soon but this was truly a serendipitous find. i was actually shopping for a party dress when i stumbled upon this beauty. needless to say i forgot all about the dress and walked out immediately with the coat, sporting a huge smile on my face and a fuzzy feeling inside. it was just what i needed: great color, flattering shape - it almost looks like a trench coat, and perfect length for wearing skirts and dresses underneath. it does at first strike you as an unusual color choice for a winter coat, but i guess everyone is bored to death by now by the mass of dark colors people usually prefer wearing during this season.

coat: topshop * bag: benvenuti * boots: random


  1. I love the camel and the red with your hair. Pretty combo!

    The only thing that would make this outfit any better would be if you added something mustard-colored...:)


  2. first of all i love your red hair. its super stunning. second that coat is amazing. what a wonderful piece to have in your closet.

  3. Nice color , great vintage inspiration , so cool and chic ! that style is made for you !