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crashing the same scene

this is just a little something i wore sometimes around the holidays but never got a chance to post. this was definitely the shortest photo shoot i ever did for the blog, it probably took about 5 minutes and i shot 2 sets of pictures for separate entries. it was freezing cold outside, i was constantly shivering and i am amazed my whole face didn't instantly turn red. the crazy things i would do to show you guys some diversity, otherwise you would be flooded with pictures featuring my winter coats. i am wearing  a very worn out black dress topped with my ruffled striped cardi, a pop of red tights and comfy, warm grey boots. have a great weekend everyone!

dress: thrifted * cardigan: h&m * tights, boots: random


  1. You're a doll Miha. I've been having a hard time getting outfit posts in myself - I've been too cold, not feeling like doing my hair/makeup, bad lighting, the excuses are endless lol.

    xoxo Maria

  2. Another great style ! Nice choice and good tastes !