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the deathbed of a day, how beautiful!

there's something quite magical about sunsets. us city dwellers take them for granted much too often, being all wrapped up in our daily lives. it's only when we travel or spend time outdoors that we remember to watch this fantastic show the sky is putting on for us. i sometimes get a quick glance from my apartment window at the beautiful color displays of the sunset. i love it when sun lights up the horizon in red and orange, and when it sometimes turns purple i feel like screaming for joy.
though i didn't quite catch a spectacular sunrise when i took these pictures, it was close to sunset and i still loved the soft light surrounding me. the sky might not have displayed my favorite shades of purple but i sure was. i was wearing a dark blue/purple dress and matching purple tights and cardigan. i really love the cut of this cardi, it feels a bit retro and thought it might look even better if i added a vintage brooch i "stole" from my mom. if only i could spend all evenings outside, enjoying the warm light of sunset. right now i am enjoying them from my office window, hoping this winter won't go on forever.

dress: h&m * cardigan: thrifted * tights, boots: random


  1. you've got quite a writing talent! beautiful text and outfit.great post !

    kisses !

  2. You are all sorts of beautiful sunset in this! They shades of purple and of course your hair. Love it

  3. All is perfect , the different colors with your hair, and purple cardigan for these nice combo
    Great, purple and red hair ! what a nice choice of outfits ! :))