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buddha as a child

yesterday was a wonderful day and i couldn't pass up the opportunity to take a stroll and a couple of pictures along the way. when a friend (the talented artist behind i luv color and my photographer for the day) suggested we take some shots over at the child buddha graffiti wall i was super excited. it's my favorite graffiti in the entire city and some of you may remember i showed it to you last spring here. i am always enthusiastic about finding great backgrounds for my shoots, and i am surprised i didn't think about this one before. doesn't buddha ring a bell? i was already dressed up when we decided to go there, and it turned out my dark blue outfit matched the background and complemented the yellow in buddha's face. i was also wearing my new heart printed tights, again a perfect match as there are so many wonderful buddha teachings about love. i know it might not seem as the best idea to have such a powerful image as your background because it might steal the spotlight from you, but i do feel like i managed to create a connection. everything came beautifully together in the end.

cardigan: okay * dress: pimkie * tights: charme * belt: thrifted * boots: random


  1. Love this outfit and great against the background too! Great blog. I'm following you now and would love u to follow me back if you like ;)

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  2. Love the tights, they remind me of my childhood. :-)

  3. I <3 your tights!! they are so cute ;)
    love your outfit!
    hope you had a great weekend!

  4. Beautiful outfit! Really love the tights!..and that Buddha graffiti it's awesome!

    P.S: I gave you the Stylish Blogger Award..check my blog:

  5. I love this outfit! I want those tights, so cute:)