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I love it when I can wear my summer dresses in the cold seasons too. I just add a pair of tights and a cardigan or a jacket and that's it. today I needed something to get me from day to night, so I chose an electric blue dress. I wore it to work with a jacket and platform shoes, and an overcoat of course. for the party tonight I'm gonna loose the jacket and put on some comfortable shoes, cause I'll be dancing like crazy.

dress: mango; jacket: thrifted


  1. I do too! Love wearing summer-dresses in the winter <3 Quite the statement, indeed. Love this blue on you, it really opens up you face!

    Romanian energy received! Thanks, hun! I'll try to wear them more often, this must have been a grand debut, haha :)

  2. I love electric blue too! Oh, and this dress is just awesome (Mango this season?)! You look great in it!!!! :*

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  4. @ beau bazar: thanks honey! it's actually a couple seasons back