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drum & bass weekend

I've been waiting for weeks for the music event of the year, TMBase festival. and finally this weekend, the time has come. time to party big time. with a history of 13 years, this festival gathers hundreds of people from all over the country, in huge deserted industrial halls for 3 days of electronic music. my outfits for the 2 nights I attended were comfortable and warm (as it's quite cold inside), but still party appropriate. there isn't really what you might call a dress code for this kind of event, people usually go for jeans, t-shirts and hoodies. you need to be very comfortable to dance all night, and in the end it's all about the music, not the clothes you wear. I did see some really cool outfits including  tutus, fedora hats, leather jackets and cool shoes, and some fierce hairstyles. ahhhh, I had a blast.

1. dress: thrifted; shirt: h&m, thrifted; jeans: levi's; belt: thrifted
2. top: h&m; shirt: banana republic, thrifted; pants: thrifted, altered

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