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the way I create my outfits depends on several factors: my mood, the weather outside, the schedule for the day, how many times I wore an item in the last month, how late I woke up for work ;) and if I bought something new lately. I usually start with an item and then built up on it adding other clothing items and accessories to match it. the central item might be a piece of clothing, shoes, jewelry or accessories.
this outfit, simple as it may be, was created around a pair of earrings that I got a couple of years ago from my friend Patricia. thanks, darling ;)! I was inspired by the brit pop outfit of the character, so I put on my Levi's, a thrifted black and white stripes top (I absolutely love them, hence I own a bunch of them) and a black jacket. I didn't wear the hat to work, but it went really well with the theme. as accessories, I used the earrings of course, a black plastic ring and dog tags. it's not always about the clothes and how you look to others, it's the way an outfit makes you feel. for me, an inspired outfit can really brighten my day.

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