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this weekend my sister and I went back home to visit our parents. we were both excited to see how the apartment looked like, since my parents had been redecorating for 5 weeks. my room was purple, of course :P and the color almost made me forget that all my posters were gone. on Saturday morning we went rummaging though second hand stores and even though I didn't end up with a big catch, the 3 items that I purchased were absolutely awesome. first, the dress: never in a thousand years would I have imagined that I would buy something golden. it's just against everything I believe in. I don't like anything sparkly, golden, silver, shiny, flashy, neon and so on. for a long period of my life I only dressed in black, so buying a golden dress was quite a risk I was taking. but the vintage print of the dress and the simple shape conquered me on the spot. I thought to myself why the hell not. second, a braided black belt with a big round buckle. it will go very well with skirts, dresses, t-shirts and wife beaters. third, the item I am most proud of, a purple belt with punk details. I shall call it my lucky charm belt. there's no point trying to describe just how awesome it is, you will have to see for yourselves.
so, my first outfit is all about the golden dress, which I wore with the black braided belt. today at work I also wore it with black hosiery and flats. and the second one is all about the purple punk belt. can't wait to wear it again :)

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