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When it comes to bags, men, and cities, is it really what's outside that counts?

having recently watched Sex and the City for the zilionth time made me suddenly swoon over tutu skirts and strappy sandals. I spotted this tulle wonder over at nowistyle and I had to have it. shoes have never been my fetish but now I could just buy the entire Zara collection, which of course I will not do because it would ruin me. unlike the legendary Carry Bradshaw, I will not spend my rent on a pair of shoes. one thing I noticed while rewatching the show is how relevant the outfits still are, which only proves once more the genius of the stylist Patricia Field.

t-shirt: thifted
 skirt: nowistyle
sandals: Zara
 bag: nowistyle
sunglasses, ring: H&M


  1. I love everything about this! you look just like Carrie :)

  2. I love the t-shirt! You look so chic!


  3. the combo between the romantic skirt and the casual t shirt is my favorite! ;)