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Enghlish summer rain seems to last for ages

the weather had set out to ruin my photoshoot but I decided to make the best of the situation. rain is not really my favorite natural phenomenon, but summer rains are not that unbearable. I took refuge under my starry sky umbrella and carefully avoided stepping on the wet grass. of course the rain stopped 5 minutes after we finished shooting. nature's irony, gotta love it!

dress: vintage
belt, bag: thrifted
cardigan, sandals: H&M
necklace: Meli Melo


  1. Ahh, ce frumos! Prima poza e grozava!
    Ador geanta ta!

  2. Lungimea asta la rochie te prinde de minune. Prima poza e geniala, very editorial :)

  3. Such a pretty dress, I love the serrated neckline. And your necklace is stunning. Gorgeous photos; I love the jumping one.

  4. cat ii de faina prima poza, parca ar fi din reviste!

  5. the first pic is brilliant! I don't really like rain either, but umbrellas look pretty in pictures :)