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turning japanese

inspiration comes from so many things, but there is one thing that I always turn to for inspiration. and that is japanese street fashion. I follow the Tokyo street style section of style-arena quite religiously. japanese people have to me a unique sense of style, and they are truly trends setters. designers from all over the world take inspiration from Harajuku, Tokyo's most renowned fashion district, home to cosplays and gothic lolitas. androgyny seems to play a big part in the way young japanese dress. sometimes I see an outfit that is so amazing but can't really tell if the person wearing it is a woman or a man. land let me tell you, japanese young men have the most amazing sense of fashion. the site covers 5 of the most important fashion districts in Tokyo: Harajuku, Shibuya, Omotesando, Daikanyama and Ginza, and each one comes with their own style. I mean where else in the world do you have so many fashionable people?

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