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ahoy, captain

though not entirely intentional, my look today reminds me of an off duty sailor back in the day. I think the hat might have done the trick defining the look. although it was this shirt I picked up at zara a couple of weeks ago that started the whole thing. I was instantly drawn to the sea horses/ ship wheel/ light house/ corals and shells print of the tee. I know there's a lot going on but it has kind of a tattoo quality to it. it would look great as a back piece, though it wouldn't quite fit with the already existing cherry blossoms. maybe I should just get the sea horses, they are such adorable creatures. but anyway, I am digressing from the subject. the heavy snow that hit us last night made me turn back to the good old chunky sweater I can always rely on. I've had this thing for years, it was a lucky find at the flea market, and I'm loving it. then I pulled out a pair of thick pants to go with the ensemble. I love that they look kinda manly. in the end I am quite pleased with the androgyny of this look.

cardigan: h&m, thrifted; t-shirt: zara; pants: terranova; hat: unknown

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