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Happy New Year everybody!!!
it’s good to be back. even though I am getting a bit sentimental about another year passing, I keep repeating in my head the lyrics a friend of mine once told me: we're not getting older, we're getting better. and that's exactly what I am set to do in this new year. one of my resolutions was in fact to make this blog bigger and better and spend as much time working on it as I can. it started more or less like a play thing but now I've grown quite fond of it and I plan on taking it to the next level.
with the holidays and all I actually got some time to do a little shopping for me too and bought some essential items for the season. there were plenty of things I was coveting so I am glad I got my hands on some of them. right now I am so in love with my new plaid maxi shirt, my faux leather leggings, which have a snake skin kinda pattern and feel sooo good to the touch, as well as my new ring. can't wait to share with you guys the other items I purchased, later on. that's it for now, I have nothing but high expectations from this year ahead of us.

shirt: bershka; leggings; stradivarius; boots: red lips; ring; pull&bear

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