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this weekend was full of events for me. went to the Philharmonic friday night, where they played Mozart; saturday night out for chinese food, then ended up at a punk concert, which was actually quite fun; sunday morning a quick visit at the flea market and then in the evening off to the theater where I saw The bold signer by Eugene Ionesco.  was quite happy to pick up a cool dress on sunday morning which I immediately thought of wearing to the theater. I fell in love with the strong shoulders and the houndstooth pattern. I seem to get more and more obsessed with this pattern lately and it's all your fault Mr. McQueen :P. it looks rather chic, and it was a perfect choice since I wanted to go for a more elegant and put together look. with my hair pulled back I look rather serious and lady like, which I sometimes like to do. but only sometimes. oh and I love this long cardi so much. helps me keep warm and looks great both with pants and dresses. I wish though it wasn't so cold so I can  show off my new dress in all it's splendour. these sleeves need some attention. oh well, they need to be patient till spring.

dress: dunnes; boots: afrodita; cardigan: terranova; belt: thrifted

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