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handmade love

I love handmade stuff; it's probably the closest I'll ever get to couture. they are one of a kind , and that's what I love most about them. nobody wants to walk around wearing uniforms, as it usually happens when you go buy stuff from chain stores. how many times have you seen lately someone sporting a clothing item or accessory you also have in your wardrobe? also, a good reason to buy handmade items is supporting the young artists who create them. they are very talented kids, mostly art students.
I have a lot of handmade accessories, mainly earrings, and now another piece has been added to my collection. my best friend Bogdana gave me  this awesome t-shirt for Christmas (thanks diva!). it was designed by some very talented art students and sold through the Hippy Hippy Shake store. I love the way the girls are drawn, they look taken straight out of a designer's sketchbook. I think one of the main reasons she chose this for me is my latest obsession with head pieces. I've been on the lookout for the perfect black widow veil for a long time now, and I won't stop until I find it. the t-shirt being the central piece of the outfit, I chose to pair it with black faux leather leggings and a long black cardigan so it would stand out more. pretty girls in little black/red dresses, what more can you ask for?

t-shirt: hippy hippy shake, handmade; leggings: stradivarius; shoes: dgm


  1. I agree - That t shirt is great. wonderful blog by the way, i found it through the fashion bloggers group. I'm going to follow your blog now ;-) Please check out mine and let me know what you think. Thanks xoxo

  2. Very nice t-shirt. I agree about original wear, I love to get stuff no one else has. This is why I used to sew my own things, but I've become lazy about that in my recent years.

  3. Handmade stuff is some of my favorite - loving that top! You wear it so well darling!! :)

  4. Love your look,
    The T-shirt is goregous.
    You got lots of style.

    Beaut xxx
    Vintage Clothing Online

  5. You are beautiful ! Lovely photos and such a great T-shirt. I will have to take note of that for future reference.

    Diana S,

  6. Did you really make that? That is soooo GOOD! I wish I was half as artistic as you. You are also very beautiful! You have it all :)

  7. Amazing T-Shirt but how long does it took from creating idea to start wearing this T-Shirt?

  8. Hey, i must say you look so good. Loved it. thanks for sharing.

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