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all there in black and white

a friend of mine used to say: my opinions, just like color television, are all there in black and white. just thought I'd throw that in here, for no reason aside from the fact that I am dressed again in black and white. I was having another slow monday morning today. it took me forever to get up and get dressed. luckily, my day was saved by these black and white pants. I put them on quite often when I lack inspiration. a chunky black sweater was screaming  from the back of the closet: pick me me me, I haven't seen the light of day in ages. I was starting to feel better and decided to throw in a splash of color and picked up some cool colored bracelets. I felt they dressed up a bit the outfit. I even managed to crack a smile for the photos, which I rarely do. I get kinda uncomfortable and quirky in front of the camera. my sister makes fun of me saying seasons and seasons of america's next top model haven't taught me anything. she's right... :))

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  1. these pants are great! so are your shoes. :D