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hold on tight to your hula hoop

my last year at the university I had a crush on a hula hoop dancer called Karis. I've never met him but found him on myspace through a friend of mine from LA. I was fascinated with the way he looked and moved. I was a gymnast when I was a kid, so I can really appreciate people doing the kind of stuff he does. I am also a big fan of circus acts, especially the acrobatic acts. now, I know my outfit is not really hula hoop appropriate but  I can do a couple of spins in it, and I actually intend on practicing more this year. for some reason I tought I needed some props in my shots. I am also looking forward to getting back to my yoga classes and doing some more stuff at home. man, I could use a stretch after the holidays and all.
to get back to my outfit, this is a dress that immediately caught my eye when I saw it. first of all because of the leather detail and how it shapes the dress (I actually have a butt in this dress :P), and second because of the shape of the neck and how versatile it is. see below a couple of ways I styled it. at first I wanted to add some bright colored tights, but then I thought they would steal the attention from the dress, so I went with these crimson ones that really complement the grey of the dress.

dress: helene; tights: charme; shoes; dgm


  1. really appreciate that. I'm a big fan of your blog

  2. I love the versatility of that dress. Very inspiring. and you wear it well. :)