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I've got the blues

I  must admit I do not do color very well. I add the occasional pop of color to an outfit, but my safe zone has always been black. what can I say, I love my dark colors too much. the only other color I can never resist is purple. and the darker the purple the better. when I do wear color, I like to keep my outfits color coordinated. I always match my colors and never use more than 3 in an outfit, ok  maybe 4 if it's really necessary. the other thing I love to do is match my accessories to my outfit. and with the accessories I must confess I am not afraid to use color. I never leave the house without earrings and a ring on my finger, and occasionally I put on bracelets, necklaces or brooches to add a little more something to the outfit. today was a day of the blues. it all started with the long shirt in white and blue stripes to which I added some blue accessories like the button earrings, lapis lazuli ring, and a pale blue necklace worn as a bracelet. the rest of the ensemble was kept simple and dark, with faux leather leggings, long cardigan and boots. love the attention the shirt got at the office. I got a couple of compliments, even though it's not the first time I've worn it to work. must have done it right this time.

cardigan: terranova; shirt: h&m; leggings: stradivarius

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