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pin-up pin-down

about a week ago, while spending some time with friends after New Year's, I saw a show on a german tv channel that really caught my attention. they were counting down the top 10 celebrity pin-up girls. I was so disappointed with their picks and rankings. I mean what does Brigitte Nielsen have to do with anything even remotely close to pin-up girls. to me it was just a silly german sense of pride thing. they actually had another german celebrity, unknown to me... but maybe that's just me and whose name I couldn't even remember 2 seconds after I heard it, quite high in the ranking. that made no sense to me. we we actually joking about it saying that maybe Steffi Graf is going to be number one. so I decided to put together a little top 5 of my own. I'll let you be the judge of that. so here it goes, my top 5 celebrities who best embody the pin-up spirit.
no.5: Katy Perry

 no.4: Christina Aguilera

no.3: Pixie Acia (LA Ink)

no.2: Gwen Stefani

 and, no doubt about Dita von Teese

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