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black rainbow

this one goes out to mr. black rainbow. everybody say happy birthday to marilyn manson, who's turning 41 today. I actually had in mind a dark costume to mark the ocassion but got sidetracked a bit. I think I can honestly admit to having an obsession for black and white stripped tops, or black and white stripes in general. when I got this top my sister asked me if I didn't already had enough of them, but I was so in love with the sleeves I couldn't resist it. plus it went really well with the trousers I bought  later that day. I know there's a lot going on in theese photos, I thought I'd use a more colorful background. man, I whish I could take some outdoor pictures for a change, but it's so darn cold and dark outside.

top: zara; pants: stradivarius; shoes; dgm

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