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LBD remix

the little black dress (LBD) is an essential item in every stylish person's wardrobe. everybody knows that. over the years I've collected several little black dresses, just to make sure. what I search for in a LBD is usually shape, comfort and most of all versatility. when on a tight budget, I like to remix my wardrobe so I don't get bored with wearing the same stuff over and over again. as Rebecca of The Clothes Horse put it: a wardrobe is only as limited as the owner's imagination.
today I am wearing one of my favorite LBDs. it's not elegant or sophisticated, but very very versatile. there are a lot of things I can do with it, but I'll have to wait for some warmer weather to show you all that. what I set out to do today was to show how it can be worn using pretty much the same items. I only wear it as it is during the summer, as it has a low cut back. during the other seasons I like to wear it front to back and layer it in different ways. so, for my first look I paired it with a black and white stripped top underneath, black vest on top and bright purple tights. all this layering keeps me warm, as it is still freezing outside, and it was a nice change from the chunky sweaters and jeans I've been wearing lately. for the second look I got rid of the vest and turned the dress front to back; tah dah... it's a whole new look. and for the third look I simply turned the dress back on.

dress: thrifted; vest: thrifted; top: h&m; tights: ???; boots: afrodita

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  1. I recycle LBDs like this, too- I really like your edgy remix!