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take nina's word for it

all black outfits are my long time favorite. but as good as they look in real life and up close, as hard it is to capture them in a photo. I should have listened to Nina Garcia when she said that all black outfits are really hard to shoot for an editorial and they don't look so great on the runway either. when there's too many layers it's really hard to distinguish one from another, even when the materials have different textures. stubborn as I am, I didn't give up after a failed attempt to shoot this outfit yesterday. I tried today again. and I failed, again. of course I blame it all on the crappy lighting in my room and my crappy camera. unfortunately I have to postpone getting a new camera because I have other priorities right now. anyhow, I am merely trying to make a point here that shooting black outfits is a pain in the you know what. so, I'll just have to explain to you what is actually going on here, since you can't see much. I am wearing a sleeveless, very light top with a big bow in front, faux leather leggings with snake skin texture, and a cotton jacket. I am also wearing guitar earrings, since I was kinda going for a rocker look. you'll just have to trust me on this, it doesn't look too bad if I can say so  myself.  I'll just have to wait til I get some more adequate equipment and better skills at taking photos and editing them to prove my point. but since Nina herself gave me the perfect excuse for the outcome of these photos, I think I'm pretty safe. I've been wearing black for so many years now and still will for many more to come. unless I retire to Florida when I'm old and then I'll have to be all about neon colors and flower patterns. nah, that's never gonna happen.

jacket: pimkie; top: h&m; leggings: stradivarius; boots: red lips; earrings: hot topic

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  1. Black never gets out of fashion, you can wear it anytime on any occasion and you will look classy in it. This outfit is really good and you look stunning in it as well