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remember when you were a kid and on rainy days you couldn't leave the house and go out and play? i used to imagine the most awesome games and role plays on such occasions. waking up this morning made me want to be a kid again and instead of confronting the rainy, bleak weather outside to stay indoors and play games. i imagined what the opposite of such weather would be and decided to take an imaginary voyage to kenya. i would go on a safari. i opted for neutral colors and comfortable clothes such as cropped pants, a simple tank top and a button down shirt. if you guys wanna join me you're more than welcome. i packed some cookies for the road, they are attached to my bracelet and earrings. thought we would stay in tents, watch the great wildebeest migration, visit the masai mara, meet the maasai tribes and enjoy the beach and the warm tropical water. how does that sound?

shirt: j.crew, thrifted * tank top: zara * pants: stradivarius * shoes: red lips * belt: thrifted * accessories: handmade by a friend


  1. i really love the colour!


  2. Love the story, love the look. You're great :) When I was a kid all I needed was a big cardboard box and I was entertained for hours...whatever happened to that imagination...

    xoxo Maria

  3. Okay LOVE this outfit. And I love your safari description! I am SO coming!!

  4. You look fantastic in slacks! Also, your hair is AMAZING!

  5. You look so great, I love this outfit so much:)

  6. love the pants! Stradivarius you say....!? Hmmmm.... :)))

    Oh and the orchid... mine is almost dead :(((.
    What are you saying to it that is keeping the flower so beautiful?