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lessons learned

one thing i learned is in fashion you should never say never. things you might hate now and vow never to buy or wear might come back later and bite you in the ass. let's take a trip down memory lane and try to visualize all the horrible trends from the 80s and early 90s you never though would come back to see the light of day, and yet they did. of course, trends always come back in an updated manner, they are reinterpreted and reworked to suit the current demands. i remember less than 10 years ago i wouldn't be caught dead wearing anything high waisted. take for example this denim skirt i thrifted about 5 years ago. up until recently i've always worn it in such way as to hide the high waist. i never tucked in my tops and shirts and went for a more casual and relaxed look. now, i couldn't love its high waist more. it instantly makes any outfit more polished and chic. a stripped t-shirt seemed the perfect match for it, and i actually fastened the belt a few holes back  to make it rise up even higher. turned out a bit on the french side, n'est pas? j'adore ce look!

t-shirt: thrifted * skirt: esprit, thrifted * tights, shoes: random * belt: gift

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  1. Woow I love this outfit so much:))

    you look so feminine, LOVE IT