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growing up i used to watch a lot of manga/anime cartoons. the characters were so unlike anything i had ever seen before. the big staring eyes, the huge tears, the pigtails and school uniforms, the knee socks and big bows and all the wonderful adventures they embarked on. i was fascinated. i still watch manga movies from time to time and since then i developed quite a huge fascination for japanese culture. i guess i still associate knee socks with manga girls and it was so much fun putting together this little outfit. seems like these days my childhood haunts me in very pleasant ways. i haven't worn knee socks since i was a kid, and seems to me the more i grow up the more i want to become a kid again. but that's just human nature i guess. i do believe we become sad little people once the kid inside us disappears, so we should definitely keep celebrating childhood every day.

 blazer: thrifted * dress: h&m * socks: ? * shoes: red lips

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