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the edges are no longer parallel

to be honest there wasn't a lot of thought put into this outfit i wore yesterday. after staring at my wardrobe for a long while, i just started pulling random stuff out of the closet and stacking them one on top of the other. i just hate this ever changing weather, turning from bad to worst from one day to the other. first i practically put on the things i would have worn had it been warm outside, then added something for a bit of warmth and then something else and so on, until i got properly dressed for the weather outside. this is pretty much the sequence i went through in the morning while dressing up. nothing fancy, just comfortable, layered clothes. i was keeping my fingers crossed the whole day for the weather to get warmer so i could drop some layers off, but it didn't. oh, well... and i just realized i took the pictures from a weird angle and my legs look  short. but that's enough rambling for one day. i feel weird talking so much about the weather, it's starting to feel like the weather channel here. the weekend is pretty near, so i hope everyone has a great one! i'm going home to visit my parents, so I'll see you next week!

 bolero: stradivarius * skirt as top: vero moda * tank top: zara * jeans: sabotage * shoes: converse


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  2. Wow. Such a cool way to do a post. And this look is awesome times a million. You are so cool.

  3. Okay, just saying, your legs can probably never look short. Ever. You should be proud of them. :)