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born in the 80s

it wasn't until I left the house that I realized how 80s inspired my outfit was. I guess the denim jacket with the sleeves rolled up over did it. though I was born in the 80s I can't say I have too many memories or references regarding the fashion trends back then. well, we were still a communist country back then and so little information entered the country. clothes, food and home appliances were most of the times smuggled into the country. I guess our 80s lasted well into the 90s. can't say there are too many trends from the 80s that I would like to incorporate into my wardrobe today or want to reproduce in my daily outfits. so when I saw this beautiful venetian mask at my friend's apartment I knew I had to snatch it for a photo shoot in the park, and it completely turned things around. it was so sunny and warm outside and it felt just perfect lying in the grass. and then the cutest stray puppy came by and wanted to play and we were so happy to have him around and include him in some photos. he really made my day.

jacket: gap * t-shirt: united colors of benetton * dress: self made * shoes converse


  1. Oh wow, this mask is absolutely fantastic. I always wanted to incorporate one in pictures, too. But this one is amazing
    And I really like your outfit a lot

  2. is that really a self made dress?.. nice!
    i like the way you incorporated the dress with converse shoes..because mostly fashion was all about pumps and heels.
    its very creative and chic

  3. What an amazing mask! I love the purple jacket with jean jacket too.

  4. nu ai dreptate in legatura cu anii '80 in Romania si stilul oamenilor, influenta exista, stilul era la fel, cretivitatea era fantastica iar receptivitatea total diferita de ce este acum.
    am fost adolescenta in anii '80.
    nu stiu daca mai citesti mesajul meu, am simtit nevoia sa intervin pentru ca de cate ori citesc (sau aud) asa ceva e ca si cum cineva imi falsifica amintirile.

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