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behind closed doors

as i was telling you, this weekend we went around the city center and tried to discover the hidden treasures behind the doors of the historical buildings. people still live there, and in some of them there are offices and all sorts of small shops, but since it was a sunday and they weren't open, we really didn't have any business going in. some of the doors were actually locked and we couldn't get in, which was too bad because we knew their courtyards were wonderful. so we felt a bit like burglars going in, up the stairs, taking pictures and whatnot, while trying not to bother anyone. though not all of them are in such great condition, we really found some great details. I was mostly interested in the details on the front doors and the circular staircases, which still had their original wooden steps. most of these old buildings have architectural influences coming from the austro-hugarian empire as well as turkish.

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