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Celebrating International Women's Day

Nude Back Zipper High Stiletto Heel Lace Up Pumps
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Today we celebrate International Women's Day! Now more than ever, since I became a mom, I  am grateful for all the great women in my life - my daughter first and foremost, my mother, my sister who is the most amazing aunt in the world, and of course all my fabulous girlfriends. I have a very small but close knit circle of female friends and I wouldn't trade them for the world. We shouldn't wait for this specific day in the year to remind the women in our lives how wonderful and appreciated they are, but  life gets in the way and we sometimes forget to thank them for always being there for us.

Now, what do women do best? Shopping of course! And what are women most crazy about? Well shoes of course. I decided I will celebrate today by treating myself to a new pair of shoes, so I put together a selection of my favorite finds, all under $50! Which ones are your favorite? 

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