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Under the bridge downtown

Hey there lovelies, I am finally back from my well deserved vacation across the country. I have tons of things to tell you and a myriads of photos to share. We'll start right off with the first city I visited, the enchanting Sibiu. The photos are taken under the Liars bridge, a forged iron masterpiece built in1859 to replace the old wooden bridge which connected the upper town to the lower town. There are a few legends that try to explain the origin of the bridge’s name. The closer to the truth says that the bridge was raised without pillars and it was called “the lying bridge”. Over time the name changed into “the liars bridge” and people started telling stories based on this name. Another legend says that the clients fooled by the merchants from the Small Square used to throw them off the bridge to teach everybody a lesson. A third legend says that the Military Academy cadets, after stealing the young girls’ hearts, used to promise them dates by the moonlight and “forgot” to show up. 
dress: Jus de Fraise
sandals: Zara
necklace: Vulpilandia
sunnies, ring: H&M