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Let me take you for a ride

I'm no daredevil, but riding a bike is one of the most badass things I ever did. here's a little known fact about me: I took classes to get my motorcycle driving licence a couple of years ago. not very proud to admit that I gave it up after 3 classes. maybe in different circumstances (different bike, different instructor) I would consider retaking the classes. there's a certain feeling of freedom every rider knows, but it sounds so cliché when trying to explain it. one of my fondest memories of the summer I spent in LA was riding my cousin's bike (as a passenger) on the Malibu hills. the world sure looks different from the back seat of a chopper.

top: nowistyle
skirt: H&M
sandals: Zara
bracelets: Forever 21
ring: Bershka


  1. I took some pics on that same bike in my wedding dress :) it's the bike in front of Stradivarius, right?

  2. No, it's actually the bike of a friend of a friend ;)
    Might be similar though with the one you are referring to

  3. Leather skirts! I just love them! You rock this outfit, it looks amazing ;)