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the stars are never far away

It's been a while since I last put together an all black outfit. this actually used to be my uniform for a couple of years in high school. in the meantime I learned how to embrace color but still go back to my conform zone from time to time. the heart shaped sunglasses are an instant mood lifter and they never fail. I am super in love with David Bowie's new video. check it out and you will recognize some familiar faces. Andrej Pejic is my absolute favorite model. here's to androgyny in it's most beautiful form!

top: H&M
cardigan: Terranova
leggings: Zara
boots: random
sunglasses: random


  1. Foarte cool colantii!... Si ochelarii... bestiali :))

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  3. Those heart-shaped sunglasses are the perfect accessory - I love an all black look, especially with a pop of red :)