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gonna make up my reasons

I've been wearing lots and lots of colors lately, so I thought it would be nice to break the habit. it was just in time that the new package full of wonderful things from nowistyle arrived. as soon as I saw the blouse and pencil skirt they screamed secretary look to me. how fun! I love doing this kind of outfit, on the verge of costume, mostly because ironically, I never wear this to the office and this is my week off. this also gave me the perfect excuse to wear red lipstick during daytime which I rarely do, and it was the only accessory I needed. Oh, and I almost forgot. I changed my hair color. Again. how do you guys like it?

 cape: Massimo Dutti
blouse: nowistyle
skirt: nowistyle
bag: Stradivarius
boots: nowistyle  
ring: H&M


  1. I have always been fascinated by capes..they have such mystery and your outfit is just splendid! I love the top, it has brilliant details:D

  2. I love it all, from the shade of your hair to your subtle ensemble.
    Pure fabulousness.

  3. You mean sexy secretary! Great outfit and love the color of your hair!

  4. The blouse and the cape are exquisite! I love the cuts, the details and your hair.

    Oh, and it's MUCH more fun to wear special outfits when it's not necessary, rather than when you are supposed to.


  5. such a sophisticated look, dear! love it :) following you now!

  6. This blouse is wonderful! So chic and delicate!

    Greetings from Poland