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welcome to the new age

I'm always on the fence about buying something  that I love but everybody else is already wearing. I've always loved skulls and on one hand I do enjoy the fact that there are so many options out there, but on the other it makes it a bit less appealing. but then I figured I might as well stock up on all I can get my hands on right now and wear them to death (pun intended) when everybody else gets sick of them. florals are quite popular too and I almost bought a shirt with a flower embellished skull on it, but I refrained. instead I got this cozy sweater. the skull details on the leggings are velvety and super nice to the touch.

coat: Rinascimento * sweater: Stradivarius * leggings: Zara * boots: H&M


  1. amazing outfit! I so love your leggings!

  2. Your pants/slacks/leggings are amazing!!! I love your boots, too. I know how you feel about jumping on the trend band-wagon... but sometimes it's good!

  3. Omg the leggings are splendid and I have been craving for that sweater since the beginning of its time! Now it's completely gone..:(