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hand in glove, we can go wherever we please

when I was little, I once took my mom's leather gloves without permission and went out to play in the snow. you see, my own woollen gloves would get soaking wet when building a snowman, snow ball fighting or sliding down the ice on my stomach. needless to say I ruined my mom's precious gloves that day and couldn't feel more embarrassed. till this day I haven't even though about investing in a nice pair of leather gloves because I guess at a subconscious level I was afraid I would end up ruining them . but then came the day when the guys at nowistyle sent me these studded beauties and I couldn't be any happier. no playing in the snow with these ones.

 coat: H&M
sweater: nowistyle
skirt: nowistyle
gloves: nowistyle 
scarf: nowistyle
tights: Charme
boots: random


  1. The outfit is stunning on its own. The gloves bring it to real perfection! Love it!

    xoxo, Couns

  2. this is such a great outfit! I absolutely love the gloves!

  3. love that coat!

    *New post*
    OOTD: Mom's Blazer + 4 DIY Tutorials

  4. Fantastic mix of color, textures and print.

  5. Love the look! The gloves are great!

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  6. cute !

    xo Jennifer

  7. Fantastic, I love these gloves. You are beautiful.

  8. You are beautiful Fantastic mix of color, textures and print. I LIKE YOU

  9. You are beautiful Fantastic mix of color, textures and print. I LIKE YOU my skype is world19772