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we are all fallen creatures and all very hard to live with

ok, so i've been staring at this blank page for a couple of minutes and realized i have nothing to say. it's monday and i am already tired from work. it's monday and i'm already behind on documenting my daily outfits. this is actually something i wore last week to work, i can't even remember the day. total brain freeze. i guess i should blame it on the cold weather. yeah, i'll do just that. i hope you enjoy this little number i pulled off. i was kinda missing some black and white action, my go to color combo when everyhting else fails. i also wanted to play a bit with some patterns. the funny little creatures on my top have an hypnotic effect, don't stare too much or they might drag you into their dark little world.

cardigan, shirt: h&m * pants: flo&jo * boots: amelie

1 comment:

  1. I have that sweater, too! You wear it so well!!!

    Also, I lovelove your new hair colour.