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what we call chaos is just patterns we haven't recognized

i have a strange relationship with colors. i have some major favorites and some of them just come and go. black and purple are by far my favorites, i hate pink and yellow and everything else falls in between. i've been having a love/hate relationship with brown over the years. i was mostly indifferent to it for the longest time, then about 5 years ago i decided i liked it, hated it for a couple of years after that and now i am slowly starting to allow it back into my daily outfits. i feel like i  have to be extra careful not to use too much of it or i'll end up looking old and sad. i guess that's my main problem with it, it feels kinda old. now, speaking of old, take this granny print (i like to call it a granny print because it reminds me of the dresses my grandma used to wear), i love that it has this vintage vibe but the dress is still playful and cute and so it doesn't end up looking old and outdated. i've actually noticed this print is slowly making it's comeback and i am quite excited. i paired it with white tights and beige over the knee socks for warmth and comfort and also to add a bit more playfulness and fun to the outfit. i know i'll be having a  love affair with these sock over this winter.

dress: extrose * cardigan: promod * tights: calzedonia * socks: stradivarius * boots: afrodita


  1. Black and purple are my favorite colors, too. They always look good! And I know what you mean about brown. Sometimes it just looks so musty and old, but in the right outfit, it can look brilliant.

  2. Foarte dragut outfitul , imi plac la nebunie tonurile calde (mai ales pe vremea asta).

    Te-am adaugat la mine la blog pe Sidebar la Romanian Bloggers :)