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That's what she said

Of all the sitcoms I've watched in the past few years I miss The Office the most. Oh, the days of 'that's what she said' jokes and good old fashioned office pranks. I spend a fairly large amount of time in an office myself, and it sometimes can to from chaotic to tedious or even frustrating. So I have to find little ways of making it more enjoyable from time to time. That's when I play a little game called 'dress up for work'. You could hardly ever label any piece in my wardrobe as business wear, but this time I think I pulled it off and am quite proud of my office look. But come tomorrow, it will be a whole another story. TGIF, right?

dress: Dunnes
tights: H&M
shoes: Filty
bag: Nowistyle
necklace: Vulpilandia
belt: thrifted


  1. I loved that show! I think that after the 5-th season it all went downhill though. Lots of people acting out of character and unnecessary drama. I miss it too :(
    I love this dress, very business-y! :D

  2. I liked that show too, I didn't watched it regularly but it was funny as hell.
    gorgeous outfit!

  3. Great office look! I love the purple elements :)