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A grownup is a child with layers on

The rain stopped right before I went out on Sunday afternoon and the sun shined quite brightly. The clouds were chasing one another, moving at incredible speed as if on a highway and hiding the sun from us from time to time. If only it was warmer, I would have started chasing rainbows across the town. Instead I went in for a cup of cinnamon toffee nut latte to warm up. I was wearing my new dress from nowistyle which I find conveniently easy to throw on. The layering makes it look like separates, and gives the impression that thought and effort were put into creating this ensemble. Now this is a trick to my liking.

dress: nowistyle 
sandals: Jeffrey Campbell
necklaces: random
earrings: Tiramisu alle fragole
bag:  nowistyle 


  1. great out. love your pairing.
    check out our blog if you like we can follow each other on Gfc & bloglovin. let us know. kisses from Kenya

  2. Love the dress, so many layers! You look so pretty! <3


  3. Oh my...the bag is fantastic! :D Great layers;)